140,000 catalogs gone wrong!

When working on a large product catalog for a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company an error was missed in proofreading and the photo for a product was incorrect. 140,000 of these catalogs had already been printed so the only solution was to print a sticker with the correct photo to place over the mistake. A local fulfillment company was hired to complete this task. Although this marketing project created a mess, Clay Creative found a solution, fixed the problem, and the project was still completed on time.

Have you had a similar experience with unsatisfying results? Share it with Clay Creative and we can help you solve your marketing mess!

Call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307, email jessica@claycreativeresults.com or contact Franklin Clay at frank@claycreativeresults.com.

3 Responses to 140,000 catalogs gone wrong!

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Good solution. At a previous job, we had to use a similar sticker approach to correct an error–it was just too costly to reprint the brochures.

  2. Gene: Creative Director says:

    I also have a messy marketing story.

    A national poster was created showing the various stages of pregnancy. One side was done in English and the other side in Spanish. Photos of the fetus were labeled arms, legs, etc. The company had 5 layers of proofreaders some of who were fluent in the Spanish language review the poster. Somehow through all those layers a mistake was missed. On the Spanish side of the poster the arms were labeled as legs and vice versa! 20,000 posters had to be reprinted. What a mess that was! I sure was glad it wasn’t my fault!

    Its good to know there are marketing companies out there that admit to their mistakes and can create a solution. I will keep you in mind the next time I need marketing services.

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