Steps to an Effective Website Presence

1. Determine the site’s objectives. Whether the website is a supplement to your existing communications activities or a stand-alone presence for your business, it’s important to decide what you expect the site to accomplish. Is it an initiative to brand the company? Is it expected to generate revenue? Perhaps it’s an information-only site, or maybe it simply lists a schedule of events. It could even be designed to facilitate interaction with customers. In many instances, the site is a combination of several or all of these goals. If so, prioritize your objectives so that the most important ones receive the greatest emphasis.
2. Determine the site’s look and feel. Once you know what the site is expected to accomplish, its layout, graphics and overriding message should reinforce the relationship between your company and your customers. Since much of the graphics design work and company theme have probably already been introduced in existing advertising and social media, make sure the site supports any existing branding images through the use of logos, colors and slogan—particularly on the home page. At the same time, the entire look and feel of the site should appeal to the company’s target audience. For example, a Web site promoting a hospital could feature its employees in professional settings, suggesting that its services involve a personal touch.

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