What does your offer say about your brand?

Choosing the right offer for your direct marketing campaign should be a top priority. While design and copy are important, your offer will likely fail if it’s not appealing to your target market. Consider offers that work better and have a high perceived value such as a gift card or personalized items with the customer’s name imprinted. Get to know your target’s likes and dislikes. What is their lifestyle? This will help you determine what handy tool or product they could use. Offers that have gotten great response for our clients recently were focused on their customer’s comfort and their five senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and sound.

Avoid offers that won’t impress your customers such as two year-old white papers that everyone has already seen or old trade show toys. Don’t make the offer too costly or large. Consumers may show interest in your product just to get the item or they may be inconvenienced by a large bulky item they have no room for.

Clay Creative uses its direct marketing experience to help clients choose the right offer. View over 15 years of Direct Marketing experience at www.claydm.com

If you’d like Clay Creative to help you reach your customers, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307, email jessica@claycreativeresults.com or contact Franklin Clay at frank@claycreativeresults.com.

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