Benefits to Outsourcing Marketing

In today’s corporate world of reduced budgets and leaner in-house staff, many companies are turning towards outsourcing as a way to meet their marketing needs. Even when faced with cut-backs, marketing momentum needs to stay strong to ensure a business maintains its position in the marketplace and supports its ongoing sales efforts.  Some organizations are outsourcing all of their marketing, while others are complimenting their in-house team with an outside advertising agency for certain projects. While the decision of how much or how little to outsource is unique to each company, every business can appreciate the many benefits of having an external partner:

Brings a Fresh Perspective. Since an outside advertising agency is not as close to your business on a daily basis, they can more easily consider your marketing strategy from a customer’s point-of-view.  This fresh perspective better positions them to provide valuable feedback on your marketing plan. 

Gives Access to Experts. Niche agencies will specialize in certain areas such as interactive, media-buying, and direct-marketing.  Your company may only have a few projects a year which require a more specialized skill-set.  Rather than incurring the expense of keeping someone on-staff year-round, it makes more sense to outsource specialized work and call in the experts when needed.

Inspires Creative Ideas. Bringing in an outside team can infuse your business with creative energy and new ideas.  They can inspire your staff designers and suggest “out-of-the box” thinking that gets your customer’s attention.

Improves Work-flow.  Even if your organization prefers to develop the majority of its marketing in-house, there are often occasions when work-flow would benefit from an external resource.  An outside agency can make the difference between executing a marketing plan on-schedule and failing to meet important deadlines. 

Reduces Impact from Cut-backs. If your internal marketing staff has been reduced but not the amount of projects or corporate expectations, an external partner can be an effective and economical way to close the gap. 

Offers More Experience. An agency will come with its own experienced staff. Their marketing planners, copywriters, designers, and communications experts will expand your base of knowledge and give you access to their ideas, strategies, and tools.

Provides Cost Savings. It’s much more expensive for a company to hire full-time staff and pay for wages, training, benefits, equipment, and supplies. A talented outside partner gives your organization the flexibility to only pay when projects demand and otherwise focus on the daily requirements of running the business.

Guarantees Project Completion. When personnel are laid-off or opt to leave for a new job, marketing projects can be negatively affected with their departure.  Having an outside advertising agency ensures the development and delivery date of key projects. Timing is especially important when marketing is needed to support a new product launch or critical phase of a sales cycle.

Whether your organization decides to outsource a simple direct-mail campaign or a complicated, cross-platform marketing plan, the key is finding an agency that understands your industry, learns the benefits of your brand, and becomes a strong partner.  An agency that’s the right fit will help meet your marketing goals and ensure your business is a success!

If your organziation would benefit from outsourcing marketing, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307, email or contact Franklin Clay at

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