Benefits of Direct Marketing

Marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow any business. A successful marketing strategy will get your product or service noticed and ensures ROI.  There are different approaches to marketing; however one of the most measurable ways to reach customers is through direct marketing.  What makes it direct is the fact that the message speaks directly to the consumer and the method can be tracked directly back to the marketing outreach. Direct marketing is a proven way of building a strong relationship with customers and takes a lot of guesswork out of advertising.

For example, a direct-mail campaign coded with two different offers and sent to a database will show the actual number of people who responded and which specific offer was more effective.  A marketer can test different offers, geographies, and lists to determine which is the strongest for their business. Direct marketing television and radio commercials can be used to test different markets, channels, and rotations. Even transit advertising can be direct and reveal which bus or train routes generates the most feedback.  Direct marketing can be applied to email campaigns, online advertising, print, broadcast and social media.  Common elements to direct marketing are a strong call to action with a special offer or free gift to encourage response. Headline copy is meant to grab attention and content generally conveys a sense of urgency.  Special thought is given to such details as font size, color, and placement and even how to incentivize someone to open an envelope or email.

Direct marketing can be used to answer questions about the perceived value of an offer and help target general marketing messaging. It gives a company an efficient way of selling to customers they believe have a strong potential to buy. Some businesses rely solely on direct marketing, while others employ a combined approach of awareness marketing with specific direct marketing initiatives.  If using an advertising agency for direct marketing, it’s important to make sure they are experienced in the field.  Direct marketing is a specialty niche and succeeds because of the quality of the target (database, list, media market), strength of the offer, and creative approach.

If you have questions about direct marketing and how it could help your business, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307, email or contact Franklin Clay at

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