The Growth of Online Advertising Spending

Clay Creative recently read an analysis of online advertising spending by eMarketer and the results show big growth. eMarketer is projecting a 10.5% increase in domestic online ad spending in 2011, followed by double-digit increases in digital advertising every year through 2014. Total online media spending is predicted to hit $40.5 billion by 2014. When breaking down digital spending, eMarketer reports the quickest-growing area to be in online video advertising; however there are significant increases throughout the digital media world.  Social media advertising is growing, along with the rapidly expanding social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the preferred place for companies to spend their advertising dollars.  Advertisers appreciate the different options for targeting consumers that social media offers, along with their comparatively reasonable rates compared to traditional media. Corporate marketers are allocating more of their budget online because it’s also perceived as a more reliable option than other media outlets.  With the new dependency on digital media, some are starting to look at as just advertising – no longer categorized separately as interactive. 

For help planning online advertising strategy or assistance buying digital media, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307, email or contact Franklin Clay at

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