Employ Digital Marketing Experts to Optimize Online Presence


Today’s digital information age has brought about big lifestyle changes for people everywhere. More and more frequently, people can be found in front of their computers and not just for work.  Surfing the web for entertainment, news, and social interaction is the new normal. Newspaper subscriptions are dwindling because folks are going online to read the most current news, check sports scores, or see the latest gossip.  The television viewing habits and DVD rentals of global citizens have been affected because of easy (and often free) online access to favorite programs. The music industry had to change the way it generates revenue all together since the advent of music downloads.  Progress has made the web an interactive medium, where people enjoy the connection it provides to others, the accessibility to products and information, and the way it brings the world to them.

What many people don’t realize is they leave a footprint behind every time they walk through this digital world.  Every click, purchase, page impression, and social comment they make can tell a savvy marketer how to find them. Online activity also reveals powerful information about someone’s purchase potential, which is invaluable for companies with something to sell.  Without a doubt, the web can increase a business and brand to the speed of broadband.  However, the challenge is in knowing how to play on the digital field and triumph over competitors.

The digital experts at Clay Creative tell us that, while all this online potential is good, it won’t help a company if they don’t know how to interpret the data. Even with tracking measures in place, if the meaning behind the metrics isn’t clear a campaign’s results won’t be fully leveraged. This is where an agency expert in digital application comes in.  Conventional advertising agencies can place online media and develop an acceptable website.  However their design is often for print and pasted online, as opposed to creating an engaging, immersive digital experience.

Traditional strategy will react to someone’s online choices but true digital strategy learns to anticipate them.  Clay Creative employs advanced consumer research, embedded analytics, custom tools, and industry experience to interpret the online information stream and optimize digital opportunities for their clients. Their emerging media team also incorporates the latest technology so clients are at the forefront of ever-changing technology.  When the next podcast, RSS feeds, or state-of-the-art app comes around, a client of Clay Creative will already be there.

If your organization wants to optimize it’s online presence or initiate a digital marketing campaign, contact Jessica or Franklin Clay at 740-548-0307 or email jessica@claycreativeresults.com.

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