5 Tactics To Improve Website Conversion Rates

Many people make the mistake of measuring their website’s success just on the amount of its traffic. While traffic to landing pages and websites is important, Frank Clay encourages marketers to consider the conversation rates of their visitors and how this relates to revenue. He says, “If your website receives a lot of traffic but you see lackluster sales, it’s time to revisit your site to identify why it’s not converting prospects.” Generating traffic will always be easier than getting conversions; however, there are ways to increase the conversion percentage and turn traffic to leads and sales.

Frank and the digital media and marketing experts at Clay Creative suggest the following five tactics to improve conversation rates on your website or promotional pages:

 1. Determine what’s driving the traffic at each page and provide the right content. Website visitors will have a different motivation at various stages of the sales cycle. This will require unique content and landing pages with special offers and information to move them forward into action.  For example, when a prospect has already gone partly down the sales path, they will need the opportunity to request a quote or demonstration. Make sure you are meeting their needs and encouraging them to make a sales commitment at the appropriate point within your website.

2. Employ Google analytics to track on-site behavior.  There are a lot of companies who engage in speculation about their website traffic’s behavior but they aren’t reacting to solid data.  It’s important to never assume when it comes to the Internet and employ the data and metrics available to better understand what’s happening. The material you need to make informed decisions about your online sales prospects is there, you just have to use it.

 4. Ensure your landing page message corresponds with the traffic source so online visitors have a consistent site experience. You want to always keep site browsers fully engaged and moving steadily through the purchase process. Frank Clay recommends you visit your site as a prospect would to “test” the experience.

 5. Modify your landing page design and messaging, if needed.  An agency experienced in online strategy and application, like Clay Creative, can easily do this with A/B split tests or multi-variable testing. What you find can be the difference between break-even leads or profitable sales conversions.

 As with any sales lead, it’s important to follow-up with online prospects because even the hottest sales leads will cool off over time. Users on the interest are especially used to a rapid response rate so get back to them quickly.  It’s also a good idea to regularly update your site with special offers and new promotions.  It gives regular customers a new incentive to purchase and has added SEO benefits for your website.

If you’d like professional help evaluating your website to identify ways to improve conversions, contact Frank Clay at frank@claycreativeresults.com or call 740-548-0307.

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