How to Build a Banner Ad that Gets Attention

The online media experts at Clay Creative have seen the response popularity of banner ads decreasing.  In fact, 43% of respondents to a recent online Adweek Media-Harris Poll revealed that they disregarded (or totally ignored) banner ads compared to search engine or traditional media ads. However, this isn’t cause for online advertiser alarm. Even with these results, banner ad spending is still expected to increase.  eMarketer estimates, “Ad spending on standard banners will increase 11.4% in 2011, to $6.56 billion, and will continue to grow to $8.63 billion in 2014.”  Companies still believe in the banner ad but, Jessica Clay, the digital creative leader at Clay Creative, cautions their clients, “It’s important to create stronger, more targeted banner ads that get attention.   The best way to do this is to consider what consumers are responding to online.”

According to an online behavior report reported by Cone Consumer New Media Study, the overwhelming majority (77%) are paying attention to incentives such as coupons, or discounts on products and services, while almost half are looking to have problems solved.  However, only 21% of respondents indicated they’d respond to a company’s banner ad that was self-marketing and promotionally driven. Banner ads for entertainment and new ways to engage with a brand (such as widgets, mobile app, online contests) were also very low down in interest and interaction rates.

Clay Creative channels this information into their client’s online banner ad campaigns.  They first look to place banner ads onto websites which have more targeted content and reach a specific consumer.  There is simply too much waste and not enough response when advertising to a general online audience. Clay Creative also purchases larger ads, whenever a client’s budget permits. Larger ad real-estate is still shown to grab people’s attention so the bigger the better when it comes to a banner ads.  It’s also proven that frequent exposure is more likely to encourage a click-through response which is why Clay Creative’s banner ad campaigns are designed for more than one viewing.  Banner ads are still effective; however, it’s important to be smart about their message, placement, and rotation. 

If you have questions about building a better banner ad or need online media placed, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307 or email

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  1. very insightful, very interesting read!

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