How Your Organization Can Beat Its Competition

Jessica Clay, Vice-President and Creative Director of Clay Creative, knows that for a business to succeed it needs to be a competitor. In addition to her leadership role at one Columbus’ leading marketing communications agencies, Jessica is also a professional athlete and sought-after fitness model. She understands the importance of being self-motivated, focused, and working hard to achieve a goal. Her competitive spirit and determination to succeed have brought her recognition in both the business world and the fitness industry.  Jessica applies her competitive approach to benefit the clients of Clay Creative. Whether she’s working on building a global brand, conceptualizing an advertising campaign, or designing for digital applications, Jessica infuses all projects with dynamic, creative energy that takes any marketing campaign to the next level.  

Jessica Clay reminds us that for a business to outperform its competition, it needs to have three things: a good product that’s well marketed, committed employees, and satisfied customers.  Once a company has a product or service they feel is superior, it needs to employ strong marketing strategy to build their brand and get their message out to potential customers.  This is where an agency like Clay Creative can help.  Clay Creative can execute a simple marketing initiative or develop an integrated, cross-platform, marketing communications plan that can reach potential customers where they live, breathe, work, and play. As a marketing strategy is being implemented, a company’s employees need to have a competitive spirit, be fired up about what they do, and enjoy their work. Jessica Clay says, “The way to gain a powerful competitive advantage is to have workers who don’t distinguish between “work” and “play.” They need to see what they do for their company as being the best combination of both.”  An effective way to do this is to define your company mission or adopt a corporate mantra.  Instead of giving people tasks and deadlines, remind them of what they’re working towards and give them an end goal. They need to know what defines a “win” to compete.

Another important way to build a successful team is to define the rules.  Make sure your employees understand what’s expected of them – whether it’s to come up with their own ideas and think “outside the box” or if the organization wants a more conservative, “play-it-safe” approach. Likewise, employees need to know what breaks the rules and how management is keeping score. Jessica Clay suggests giving positive, spontaneous feedback so workers stay motivated. If an employee is given recognition for a job well done, it will go a long way to ensuring their personal job satisfaction. When customers are satisfied and this is reflected in increased sales and meeting revenue goals, the entire organization should be involved in the victory dance.  Celebrating together will encourage the corporate team to compete and stay in the game to win.  

For more tips on how your organization can beat the competition, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307 or email

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  1. …”self-motivated and focused”…two very strong attributes indeed!

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