How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Social media is an ideal forum for engaging your market and communicating with current and prospective customers.  Twitter is favored by business because of its professional focus, in addition to allowing for personal interactions.  People on Twitter are looking for interesting, relevant content, as opposed to learning what someone is making for dinner or seeing pictures of their kids.  There is a place for that also (Facebook anyone?) but for companies looking to build their brand, open a public-relations venue, and find prospective customers, Twitter is simply the better place to be.  Twitter has flourished because it is a social network but also an online marketing tool.  Like any tool, it’s most effective once you learn how to use it.  Below are some ways you can use Twitter as an effective social media marketing application:

Sign-Up Your Busy Executives.

When a CEO or President of a company sends out a message, people listen.  However, someone in such a position doesn’t often have time to send out messages or write a blog post.  Jessica Clay and the Clay Creative social media team has seen many CEO blogs that are updated two or three times a year, if at all.  Twitter provides a great option for a CEO or any busy executive.  Since it is limited to a 140-character count per update, it’s formatted for short thoughts and quick comments.  A CEO can text-message their comments from anywhere in the world at anytime, which makes for a flexible PR tool with tremendous reach.

Get in Front of the Right People

Twitter is all about following someone and more often than not, they’ll follow you back.  This is one of the easiest and less intrusive ways to connect with other people within your target market and/or the media.  For example, a retail clothes manufacturer like EcoChics Earthwear, can follow stores they’d like to carry their clothes or people they feel are inclined to buy them.  It gets them into their field of vision without emails and phone calls, through a socially and professionally excepted network.

Monitor Your Brand

Twitter lets you monitor your brand and see what people are saying about your company and products.  With a quick use of a Twitter search engine, you can find your company name or product and follow the conversations of others.  This also provides an opportunity to comment from the corporate perspective, which is ideal access from a PR standpoint.

Announce Special Offers or Sales

Any retail company should get on Twitter today, if they’re not already there.  Twitter is a great way to announce special offers, deals, or sales immediately to a large, interested audience.  Once a company builds a base of like-minded followers, a retail company can broadcast special offers to generate interest and increase purchase-intent.

Real-time Updates

If your organization is attending a corporate event or large trade show, Twitter can be used to announce special events or schedule changes.  An example of such a Tweet is, “Just announced Jessica Clay is now speaking in the exhibit hall at 9am” Entertainment media provides good examples of using Twitter for live-coverage, by tweeting from the red carpet and backstage at award shows. It keeps an audience up-to-date in real time and builds excitement for the event.

Marketing Cross-Promotion

Twitter is the perfect place to promote blog posts, youtube videos, facebook promotions, and online articles about your company. It naturally encourages viral cross-promotion and makes your brand come alive. 

Levels the Playing Field

Small companies can compete with global conglomerates on Twitter.  It doesn’t matter how big the budgets, anyone can open an account for free on Twitter and start tweeting, following, and applying social media strategy.  Clay Creative has many case studies of small businesses that attribute their growth and success to Twitter.

Some basic Twitter tips are: open an account (today!), write frequent updates (daily, if possible), make friends, build followers, learn how to post and shorten URL’s, monitor your brand, start to “chat.”  If you’d like to learn more about how Twitter can benefit your company, call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307 or email

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