Do Your Keyword Due Diligence

Franklin Clay and the digital marketing team at Clay Creative, reminds anyone with a website to do their keyword due diligence.  Many people make the mistake of believing that, since they know their industry, they also know the words commonly searched online.  At Clay Creative they say, when it comes to something as important as people finding your website, “Why make assumptions when you can have definite answers?” On the internet, there’s no need to guess at the correct keywords when there are today’s easy-to-use keyword software tools and effective online marketing strategies.

A free keyword tool can be found at or, even better, consult with an interactive agency like Clay Creative.  They have access to the latest online search tools which generate the most up-to-date, comprehensive keyword list for their clients.  If using a tool on your own, you may find that the keywords you guessed are indeed in the top searched terms.  However, they are often small variations that make a big difference when it comes to results.  In some cases this means adding an “s” to make the search term plural, while in others there are related terms with an equally high search volume.  When optimizing a website for their clients, Clay Creative embeds at least three of the most searched keywords on every page for maximum effectiveness.

Franklin Clay shares that the “source code” or programming language of your website should also include key word lists in the parts of the code referred to as “meta tags.”  The most important meta tags are the title tag, description tag, and keywords tag.  When performing a competitive analysis, you can also find the keywords that are on your competition’s website.  Simply go to their home page, click “view” and then choose “source.”  A window will appear displaying the page’s source code with the meta tags clearly labeled as title, description, and keywords.  The keywords appear between symbols like <title>.  This allows you to fairly and legally see the keywords used by your primary competitors and compare them to your own. 

Another online marketing activity related to keywords is pay-per-click advertising.  However, even the best ads will generate poor results if bid on the incorrect keyword.   So before considering paying for advertising, Clay Creative strongly recommends doing current keyword research. Some companies also use keywords for market research when determining the feasibility of new products.  If you are doing this, Franklin Clay says that the general rule of thumb is a keyword should have at least 100,000 searches per month on Google to be successful online.

Keywords are a very important part of your online success.  To learn more about keywords, meta tags, or to have your website optimized, contact Franklin Clay at 740-548-0307 or email

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