The Power of Words in Marketing

It has long been known that people are judged by the words they use.  Nowhere is this truer than in marketing. A good marketing campaign needs a great writer to be effective.  Whether you write your own copy or use a professional marketing communications agency, like Clay Creative, the fundamentals of good copy have to be followed.  There are basic copy formats which are proven to work so there are areas where a copywriter can get creative and others where they should not.  For instance, the headline is the most critical part of your copy.  It’s been said that 80 percent of the selling power of an ad is in the headline so a strong marketing copywriter knows to devote most of their time developing it.  Another key consideration is the structure and objective of the piece.  It’s been proven that direct-marketing needs to follow a particular formula of persuasion to be successful.  The most creative, original copywriting in the world won’t get a good response on a direct-mail campaign if it doesn’t adhere to a certain structure. A writer needs to pay attention to the delivery-method as well.  They need to take a different approach when writing an email-blast vs. a social media post, radio script, online banner ad, or direct-mail letter.

A copywriter also needs to have thorough knowledge of their target-market and be able to write the way prospects talk.  It’s important for writers to choose words that sound like their customers, so they’ll relate to the message and feel a connection to the product.  The professional copywriters at Clay Creative know that the most beautifully written brochure or cleverest online banner ad won’t generate a response if it’s not crafted to appeal to the customer.  A well-written marketing message creates a sense of affinity between the writer and the reader and best way to do that is to be familiar with the audience and stay focused on the objective. 

Word choice has a powerful effect on results and semantics can make a big difference in selling a service and compelling a customer to take action.  Whether a campaign is direct-brand response or traditional advertising, words will shape how someone thinks about your company, your product, and your offer.  If your company needs copywriting help, contact call Jessica Clay at 740-548-0307, email, or contact Franklin Clay at  They can assign a writer to your specific project or devise the strategy, develop the design, and produce your marketing materials. Clay Creative’s creative services are flexible, cost-effective, and respond to the needs of their clients.

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