Marketing Made To Fit Your Needs

At Clay Creative, we don’t call our marketing communications agency “big” or “small” any more than we call our clients “big” or “small.” We call all our clients “important” and we say our company is “made to fit your needs.” Because in today’s digital world, importance is not about size (Craig’s List has 30 employees worldwide!), it’s about the ability to fill people’s needs, whatever they may be, whenever they may arise. Clay Creative keeps the focus on effective marketing—marketing that fits each client’s specific objectives, budget and time-frame. Of course, big, traditional agencies would say that too. But if you’re trying to decide whether your company’s needs (and bottom line) would be better served by them or us, here are some points of comparison:

1. Players On The Field

Affordable technology has largely leveled the playing field. Today it’s much more about the skills and creativity of the players you put on the field, not the size or look of the hometown stadium. Everyone has access to more or less the same online resources, digital design programs and quality production assets. What is unique about Clay Creative is people—people with on-target marketing insights, attention-grabbing creative ideas and razor-sharp technical skills—people experienced in the art of work that gets results.

 2. Emphasis On The Efficient

Big agencies promise big ideas and big results. But what you get too often are bloated egos and bureaucracies. Obvious advantages of our leaner, more efficient “made to fit” model include quick response, direct correspondence with principals, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing senior professionals, not junior personnel, are focused on your project start to finish. At Clay Creative, extra effort and personal involvement are perfectly fitted to deliver the efficiencies and speed of service your work deserves.

3. Money Still In The Bank

Made-to-fit agencies have lower overhead and smaller staffs, making them more flexible in their pricing. At Clay Creative, you don’t pay for leather-couch-and-fresh-flowers offices, designer-clad executives, or rows of accountants and media buyers you’ll never need. There are no retainers or media commissions. You’re charged only for services directly related to the creation of effective marketing—purchased on a fee basis by the job, leaving you more cash to allocate elsewhere to help your business grow.

 So —don’t call us “big” and don’t call us “small.” Just call us. Simply tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll show you how Clay Creative is “made to fit your needs.”

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