Clay Creative: Keeping Your Brand on “Track”

We had a sudden thought here at Clay Creative when the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus Train passed through our back yard the other day.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof: 

Oh yeah, about that sudden thought? It’s pretty amazing how some things don’t change. Like how the Circus has been traveling by train since the 1800’s and how people have always been attracted to entertaining concepts and big ideas.

We don’t juggle flaming bowling pins or ride unicycles 100 feet off the ground at Clay Creative but we are in charge of opening the eyes of our brands customers to create an emotional and satisfying connection. A connection that separates your brand from its competition and wows your target audience like an elephant doing back flips or a tiger jumping through a ring of fire. That’s pretty risky eh! Well so are we.

Frank Clay carries over 25 years of agency experience and welcomes you to hop on the train at Clay Creative. We promise to keep your brand on “track” and provide results for any project we take on!

While were on the topic, take an inside peak at Clay Creative and check out our very own vintage circus posters . Better yet, our doors are always open for your viewing entertainment so stop on in!

Jumbo The Giant Elephant

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