A Website Says It All: The Clay Creative approach to web development

What good is a microphone when you don’t have speakers to plug it in to? Your message will barely reach the front row audience and the rest of the crowd will get frustrated and leave the show. You stand on stage like it was your first night performing at the comedy club, just waiting for laughter but drowning in silence.

Hello? Anybody out there?… The best way to find out is to get out there!

You have an important story to tell and your website is just as important as the product and service you offer. The Web is no longer at our fingertips. Technology has evolved to the point where the Web is now inside our fingertips.

Google receives about 5 billion searches per day and consumers are using their cell phones to locate the best gas prices in town.

Your website immediately strengthens the relationship between your business and your customers. It is a destination for your customers to explore your product and service and it’s vital to provide them an established website.

Let’s take a look at one of the fastest growing CMS (Content Management Systems) out there today. WordPress is a popular and growing software used for blogging sites like the one your reading now and it is commonly used as a website development tool. As of August 2011, WordPress manages 22% of all new websites and is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet. Web development, social media and interactive media are 3 major areas of advertising and marketing that are executed through the use of a website. They are also 3 areas that Clay Creative specializes in!

Clay Creative worked together with the F.L Emmert Company to develop this fresh and informative website:

  • Easy to navigate layout
  • Seamless integration of brand identity with consumer insight
  • Search engine integration
  • Compatible for both desktop and mobile browsing

We recently flipped our website to provide our visitors with an easy to navigate layout that expresses our companies values, capabilities and lifestyle all on one page.

  • Converted to mobile- friendly version 
  • Fresh layout 
  • integrated single-page platform 

The Web provides endless opportunities for your brand to retain, attract and connect with your audience. It is in the best interest of Clay Creative to develop and design websites that meet our clients needs.

And by the way, a microphone without speakers is pretty worthless so grab the mic, turn up the volume and announce your brand to the world… wide web.

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