The New Guy Observes Clay Creative From A Unique Perspective


Somewhere 20 miles north of where I live. Beyond the big city, past the suburbs and into the cornfields just North of Polaris, there lays a land called Lewis Center, Ohio. That’s where I work as the new Social Media Pioneer at Clay Creative.

Somedays I find myself tossing a bone with the dogs in the office, but my primary job is to provide our friends and fans with fresh content related to the digital media and interactive advertising industry. Content that justifies your reason for viewing it, watching it, or reading it. Whatever “It” is… We thank you for clicking it (or tapping it) and hope you gain something in the process.

I label my cup so my co-workers know which is mine and for re-cycling purposes.

I spent some time today collecting my thoughts on what separates Clay Creative from larger agencies out there. It’s safe to call us the alternative advertising and marketing agency and my analogy below explains why!

We don’t ride elevators to our 10th floor offices nor do we have a million dollar view from where we work. We just park our cars out back by the corn fields and bring our ideas up a flight of stairs and make things happen. That is if our 6-month-old Boston terrier isn’t running around or chewing on a squeaky toy.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of what separates Clay Creative from larger agencies is a social gathering. Remember that last party you went to? Maybe it was a bonfire with some close friends or an ugly sweater Christmas party that was so crowded that your only conversation was “Hey” and “What’s up, nice sweater”. It can be uncomfortable attending a party where you hardly know anyone. Your forced to create small talk, the conversation moves slowly and it really doesn’t go anywhere.

At Clay Creative, our goal is to understand our clients and to have meaningful conversations with them. We prevent you from having to peel away all the unnecessary layers to get down to business.

Yes it may be fun to sit around a bonfire and sing Kumbaya with our clients but my point is that we will give you the time and attention you deserve in a fast, friendly and rewarding atmosphere.

P.s…It’s been a warm welcoming at Clay Creative until I used the bathroom today. No questions, just watch.

One Response to The New Guy Observes Clay Creative From A Unique Perspective

  1. Frank Clay says:

    Great Post, very interesting, Frank

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