From The Factory To The Shelf (starting at the advertising agency) : Package Design That Packs A Punch


“Oh how beautiful, you should save that one for last!” & “I wonder what that could be?” are common remarks you hear at Christmas time. The neatly wrapped and decorative presents always receive the most praise and attention. Most of the time, however, you receive a box covered with wrapping paper with a “to & from” sticker slapped on top.

There is always an element of surprise to unwrapping a present but the gifts that engage us right away are memorable and fun. They motivate us to pick them up, shake them and guess what’s inside. Like the time my girlfriend wrapped my present with the weather section of a newspaper article!


“Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions.”

Customers are attracted to the products on shelves that call for our attention and our senses are overloaded with information everyday. It has been discovered that brands that communicate to their audience through all senses are more successful at creating stronger connections. Apple products appeal to our sense of sight and touch. They have a physical appeal and are easy to use. Read more about the impact that package design can have on a product: The Importance of Product Design and Packaging in Branding.

Vitamin Water has created an engaging product design for their bottles of water that has helped them stand out in the saturated beverage market. The package design provides a product experience that communicates a sense of freshness and clearness that often escapes other mineral/flavored water bottles. Vitamin Water engages its’ audience with a charming and easy to read paragraph of fun copy on each bottle:

“ah, orange juice commercials. funny stuff. mom cheerily prepares some huge breakfast while the rest of her family sleeps. sure, this could happen. but every morning? please. maybe if mom were heavily medicated, in which case, we wouldn’t condone operating a stove or any electrical appliance.

for those of us who don’t live in an orange juice commercial, there’s still a way to get your morning nutrition. this product has calcium and lots of vitamin c, so you can get your day started right, minus the whole stepford mom thing.”

Over the years, the Clay Creative team has developed numerous packaging, display and point-of-purchase materials for both national and international companies.

From birdseed to snack food, medical products and training materials, we take on package design as one more way to help create the overall brand experience.

We recently completed a package design project for our client Oasis International Inc. Check it out below.

Morethanbranding recently published an article on the important functions of package design

Here are 3 functions of package design:

  1. Constitutes the physical representation of a brand’s personality.
  2. Draws attention to a specific product in a crowded retail space. (in this case a product’s packaging serves as a great promotional tool)
  3. When a product design is groundbreaking, it can influence the way we use something specific by shifting behavior patterns.

Tell us about your favorite packaged product!

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