What Advertising Agency People Read


We understand. You probably don’t care about the books on our shelves here at Clay Creative or the literature we spend hours reading each day, so we’ll start off telling you something more entertaining! Like how we just ripped all of the carpet up at our office to reveal our new hardwood floors. Technically the floor is old but it’s new to us, so we’ll stick with calling it “New”. Whatever you consider calling it, these hardwood floors allow our great ideas and thoughts to resonate throughout our office a litter louder.

Built in the 1850’s, Clay Creative was once a mercantile building and we’re bringing back the look.

Aside from our weekly renovations, we’d also like to share how we stay on top of our game on the digital marketing and advertising industry. We value our favorite books and advertising magazines and we’ll admit that we enjoy to read and watch the ads we encounter on a daily basis. (at least some of the 3,000 messages that we are exposed to each day). It’s fun to analyze the appealing ads and laugh at the lame ones. Sometimes the commercial breaks are more fun than the TV shows. However, we mostly rely on our favorite publications and books to keep us up-to-date and informed on our industry.

A must read book is “Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Ads“. The author is Luke Sullivan, an established and award winning copywriter. After exploring the famous ad campaign for Charmin toilet paper, the book examines many facets of advertising and provides many pointers and tips on how to create compelling advertisements for print, TV, radio, Billboards. All in an upbeat and entertaining writing style.

Here is a tip on the importance of well written body copy from page 99:

“I don’t think people read body copy. I think we’ve entered a frenzied era of coffee-guzzling, e-mail-sending channel surfers who honk the microsecond the light turns green and have the attention span of a flashcube…When I write body copy, long or short, I work hard at making it as smart and persuasive and readable as I can. Because afew people are going to read it and the one’s who do, you want. They’re interested. They’re peering in your shop window”

Each month we look forward to the new issue of “Ad Week” magazine. The latest issue taught us how the Mars candy giant redefined candy marketing. Can you recall those bizarre Skittles and Starbursts commercials? This issue redefined the importance of listening to your customers and understanding consumers insights.

Creative directors from Wieden + Kennedy’s Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal describe the candy giant as an innovator and risk taker, but one that is moved primarily by reasoning and consumer insights.

“We did do a lot of talking to teenagers all along, not just on Skittles but on Starburst, Combos and Snickers. We talked to consumers a lot. They were really good at listening to them.”

Read the full article from Ad Week.

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