Inside The Relationships Advertising Agencies Create


Brands, relationships and results are in our DNA and Clay Creative has weaved them together to influence the world of advertising and marketing from a new perspective. Collectively, they are a power trio that reinvents the way your business gets from point A to point B. In today’s fast and technological driven environment, brands are born, relationships are made and results are provided, INSTANTLY.

As we focus on the “relationships” aspect of our tagline we will explore the obstacles that advertising agencies must over come.

We must create strong relationships with our audience as often as possible and take advantage of every outlet that gives us the opportunity to do so. Securing relationships with your audience has moved far beyond the handshake and into the world of social media…

Check out the top 3 social media tools to stay connected with your audience: 

  1. Facebook: Use facebook as a company playground and online meeting place. Build a reputation by posting pictures, stories and videos about your workplace. Update your facebook regularly with posts related to your industry and brand personality.
  2. Youtube: Web surfers are attracted to video like wave surfers are attracted to killer waves! Create a youtube channel for your company and upload video about your business to the channel. Request comments and feedback.
  3. PinterestThe audience on Pinterest is different from the major social networks because most people use it to find inspiration. Pinterest is being used to help guide buying decisions. If a user finds something they like on Pinterest, there is a good chance they will at least click the source link and, at most, make a purchase.

Conversations are just words away and it’s important to implement social media tools into building relationships but there is one question to address. “Does social media help build relationships or just contribute to general communication”?

Let’s review our definitions:

Communication: The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.

Relationship: The way in which two or more people are connected or the state of being connected.

Clay Creative takes a full circle approach to communication and building and maintaining relationships. We understand how effective online communication can be and we use that knowledge to help your business reach your target on the web. We also understand the power of building trustworthy relationships through face-to-face communication and our doors are always open for us to do just that.

“Never underestimate the difference between social media “communication” and the real thing. Tone of voice, body language, facial expression, and other nonverbal cues can be as important as the words you choose, and they help build the kind of understanding that brings people closer together. You can get a general impression of someone from Facebook status updates, but it may or may not reflect who they actually are, and it’s never more than skin-deep.”

In other words, social media may not be the best fit for every audience. A personal approach is more efficient  for building B2B relationships. Social media is a 21st century phenomena that enables rapid flow of communication that can be used for quick day to day business to customer interaction but face-to-face communicating remains much more effective to grow a brand from the inside out.

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