Advertising Agency Results To Be Proud Of


Earlier this week we talked about the “Relationships” aspect of our tagline. We touched on how social media is a great way to stay connected with your audience and we deciphered the difference between relationships built through social media and face-to-face communication. What do we gain from our relationships? What is to show for all the meetings, emails, phone calls, conferences and video chat sessions that we find ourselves in daily?

With every project there comes a deadline and Clay Creative remains focused on maintaining strong relationships throughout every step of the way. These strong relationships allow us to work together to increases your return on investment, attract your audience and sharpen your overall brand image. On time, on budget and on point!

We’d like to highlight a few testimonials from our favorite clients to show you what “Results” mean to us.

The success we’ve shared with our clients is a result of paying attention to detail and creating long term relationships:

“Thank you for designing the PowerPoint slides and handouts for my presentation at the Critical Care Congress in San Francisco. I’m so happy you handled this project because everything looks fantastic. Your attention to detail made it a huge success.”

~Dr. Alessandro Pontes-Arruda, Head of Intensive Care Unit
Fernandes Tavora Hospital, Fortaleza, Brazil

We believe every brand has a story to tell and we take the initiative to pack the novel full of pages. Whether your brainstorming ideas to take on an upcoming promotion or execute a new direct mailing campaign, our quick turnaround, top creative and cost effective solutions are designed to improve your bottom line:

“We were in the midst of researching ideas when we received a promotional piece on a metal license plate that read: CRE8TIVE. It was from Clay Creative, and we wasted no time contacting them. Our experience with Clay Creative has been very productive; just look at our sales growth over the years!”

~Ron Boylan, Manager Scotts Training Institute, The Scotts Company

Long term relationships accomplish long term goals:

“Thanks to Clay Creative for helping us to understand the need for a long-term marketing plan. What began as a specific effort to market just one area blossomed into a marketing plan designed to represent our entire facility. As part of that plan, Clay Creative worked with us from developing a positioning statement to a new logo and a capabilities brochure. The results have been fabulous, and our employees feel great about the message and the quality product we deliver.”

~Jeffrey, Marketing Director
Health Care Nutrition

We believe that collaborative efforts and strong relationships lead to successful results. Results that bring our clients back to take on any size project for all types of business. Thanks for your time and we look forward to the relationships we have yet to create and the results that follow!

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