Advertising Agency Practices What They Preach In New Direct Marketing Campaign


We recently coined a new word called “Mailamorphisis”. In a nutshell, direct marketing is changing and advertisers and marketers must utilize social media to increase their ROI for all direct marketing endeavors.

Imagine direct marketing as a caterpillar that wiggled itself into your mailbox and inbox and created a cocoon. We’ll call him Frank. The ruckus outside his home always bothers him and he has to put up with his door being slammed shut all day. One day Frank woke up with a pair of wings and decided to create a new life. He became the “Social Butterfly” and the talk of the town! Take advantage of social media and give your direct marketing some wings. We did!

This week we embarked on a direct marketing promotional campaign that shines a light on the capabilities of Clay Creative. We’ll admit that we raised our glasses high and did a toast to our new website. We are also giving away free vintage metal advertising signs when you join in on the celebration. See below!

click to enlarge

We followed our secrets of direct marketing, integrated social media technology and juiced up the promotion by remaining consistent with our brand identity and company culture. 

  1. Sell the offer: We designed our mail piece to give the recipient a clear understanding of the offer. We included our contact information and website. Always remember that a direct mail piece should sell the offer, not the product or service itself.
  2. Include a time limit and create a sense of urgency with a clearly stated timeframe for the offer. To avoid generic phrases like “Limited time only” or “only 50 left”, we used a casual copy that briefly states that “the first 20 people to visit the new website will receive one of these vintage replica metal advertising signs”.
  3. Provide your recipient with a new way of engaging with your offer and brand. We created a QR code (quick response) to increase the response rate of the offer and to drive them to our new website.
  4. Brand your offer and direct mail piece with your company logo, culture and personality. The origins of advertising is part of our company and we are giving away vintage advertising signs to strengthen that concept.
Here is the link to the landing page of our promotion to check out for yourself.

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