3 Advertising Agency Tips On “Socializing” Your Event Marketing


Advertising campaigns constantly bombard their audience with a general message while event marketing targets a specific group of people at a gathering, makes strong impressions and engages with participants…in case you didn’t know.

I remember the long nights I spent studying at the library till’ the sun came out. Students would start dozing off and everyone’s energy would dwindle until the Red Bull fairies came around and passed out free cans of Red Bull like candy on Halloween. That’s event marketing. Another example was when I stepped inside a tent during a concert and was greeted by 2 girls that were giving away Swedish Snus. They verified I was 18 or older, quickly jotted down my address and then handed out vouchers for a free Monster Energy drink.

Strong connections are made when event marketing is paired with the right demographic and target. When you bring social media into the mix, you will increase your word of mouth advertising and strengthen these connections.

Social media has changed the way we collect information and event planners need to embrace the new media in order to increase the effectiveness of their event and to allow their message to resonate louder and longer with their audience.

Whether your preparing for an upcoming trade show or launching a new product at a concert, follow these 3 thorough tips from Clay Creative to help you socialize your event and expand your word of mouth marketing efforts.

  1. Actively use Twitter throughout your event to keep your audience in the loop! Twitter is a great place to generate buzz and awareness during your event. Use it to announce guest speakers, give-a-ways and contests. Encourage people to Tweet during the event.
  2. Create a facebook page for your event and use it as a pre-event promotion. When designing your page, remember to include the date and time along with pictures. Use your event page wall to share information about speakers, links to the event agenda and photos of a previous event.
  3. If your in a booth setting, provide your audience with a QR code to scan that takes them to a video related to your event. You won’t have time to talk to everyone but it’s important to make an impression on as many people as possible.

There are many ways to execute an event marketing campaign and no matter which route you choose to take, keep in mind that social media tools will allow your campaign to attract more people and make longer lasting impressions.

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