How Advertising Agencies Are Adapting To The “Zero Moment Of Truth”

The Importance Of Building Online Content For Clients

Consumers are using search engines, smart phones and social media more than ever to gain more knowledge about products and Google has coined this new dimension of the consumer-buying routine as “The Zero Moment Of Truth”.

The Internet has changed the way consumers obtain information about their favorite products and brands and our buying behaviors are being shaped by the vast amount of information around us. Remember the last phrase you typed into a search engine? Maybe you asked Google how to change the water in your fish tank or where you can find the best deal on a used Jeep? You probably found your answers or at least learned a little more about fish tanks and Jeep dealerships in your area, right?

The average shopper uses 10.4 sources before buying, twice as much as years past.

Marketers have fine-tuned the process of getting products out the door by focusing on 3 ways that people interact with them. The consumer must be stimulated by an ad, visit the store to see the product and then take the product home and try it out.

  1. Stimulus: You browse through a magazine and open the folded sample of cologne and think, “this smells great”.
  2. Shelf: You go to the mall and see the bottles neatly stacked in a pyramid.
  3. Experience: You wear the cologne everyday and your significant other admires your scent more than ever.

This has been the blue print of marketing and advertising for a long time, however, we are experiencing a new aspect of marketing that sits right between the Stimulus and the Shelf. The Google team calls this ZMOT (The Zero Moment of Truth). The ZMOT of truth is the moment when consumers reach for their smart phones and laptops to learn more about your product and brand. It takes more than an entertaining advertisement to drive consumers to the shelf because consumers are researching your products on the web and listening to reviews that they read.  Consumers are always looking for the best deals and want to be sure they are making the right decisions and the web allows them to do just that. Your brand needs to be part of the online community in order to be part of the ZMOT.

Here are some examples of the ZMOT:

  • A golfer in an athletic store deciding between 2 putters pulls out his smart phone to watch video reviews of each club.
  • A couple in their living room read reviews and ratings about hotels in the area they’re visiting.

Research conducted by Google shows how the ZMOT has become a pivotal moment when consumers shop. 84% of shoppers say that ZMOT shapes their buying decisions and is just as important as the first moment of truth when consumers first see the product on the shelf.

Shoppers are swarmed with information and when something catches their attention, they turn to a search engine to learn more. They write positive reviews when they are satisfied with a purchase. They take pictures of their food and pets and share information fast. Consumers are talking everywhere and Clay Creative will show your brand where it needs to be to keep the conversation going.

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  1. Cblairc says:

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    Great article! And I am proud to say I have the pleasure of working with the co-founder of ZMOT.

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