3 Ways To Express Your Brand Personality Through Social Media

Advertising Agency Tips On Using The Social Media Giants To Express Company Culture

Social media allows us to connect with our friends and share our opinions in the virtual world and brands are doing the same thing. We all want to express ourselves and keep in touch with the world and social media is the best place to keep the conversation flowing. Sites like facebook, twitter and pinterest are great platforms to share the information that best represents your company values and beliefs and here are some great tips on how to use each of these to carry and maintain your brand personality onto the web.


  1. Choose 2 photographs that best represent your company. To achieve a fresh look be sure that the images communicate with each other in some way. If you make your profile picture (the smaller picture) your company logo then try using a picture of your business or employees as the background photo.
  2. Include your business name, contact information and address on the top of your page.
  3. Post pictures that express your company culture and upload videos for your fans and friends to watch.
  4. Respond to activity on facebook in the tone of your company’s voice.


  1. When you tweet about something, use a hashtag “#” for the topic of your tweet so that your tweet is visible in that topics feed. Hash tags are twitters way of creating conversation and for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. For example, if you tweet about a subject related to the olympics, include the hash tag “#olympics” in your tweet.
  2. Content that is tweeted with a hash tag is searchable in the search engine of twitter.
  3. An @reply is any update posted by clicking the “Reply” button on a Tweet.  If you want to share someone’s tweet, click reply and their tweet will be exposed in your twitter feed.


  1. Create pin boards that are related to your company culture.
  2. Upload images that are related to your industry.
  3. Connect your facebook and pinterest to increase your reach.

Always remember that people engage with content that they can relate to and you must provide them with content that focus’s on your brand identity.

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