What Drives Our Advertising Agency

How Keychains Obtain “Key Information” For Marketers and Advertisers Through Customer Loyalty Programs

We use our keychains every day to open the house, start the car and even store mega bites of information with. It’s interesting to see what we have dangling on our key chains and everything is on them for a reason. Do you fumble around searching for that single key because your key chain is clustered with so many gadgets and gizmos? You never know when the pocket knife is going to save the day. Everyones keychain is different but they all have one thing in common that gives marketers and advertisers a channel to make an impact with your brand: we take our keychains with us everywhere and we have them on our side at all times. Key chains are a great way to increase sales and help guide your marketing efforts. It is done in the form of customer loyalty cards.

Customer loyalty cards are a great tool for small businesses to get repeat business, obtain demographic information about buyers and track shopping habits. This information will help you track the success of your marketing efforts.

Here are the facts about customer loyalty cards

  • When the card is scanned, the information about the customer is sent to a data base that tracks information on what was purchased and what rewards are available to the customer.
  • Reward cards can be punch cards that you use at a coffee shop to receive a free cup of coffee after buying 9 cups
  • Loyalty cards encourage repeat business by offering special offers pertaining to the members of the business
  • The data captured via customer loyalty cards can be used to help your business keep stock on the products you sell the most of

Here are the keys of the Clay Creative team. Check out what drives us everyday!

These belong to our President and Clay Creative founder, Frank. He runs the show each day. Opens up the doors in the morning and locks them at night. He has access to every room in the building and is a member at urban active.

I have a feeling this set of keys belongs to our
in house photographer Chris Staley.
Chris is prepared to transfer music and photos at a moments notice.
Vice President and Creative Director Mike Meirow keeps a model of his Azzura convertible in his pocket as a charm to prevent hit and runs. 

Social media manager Jordan Youtz flaunts his Scandinavian heritage and racks up speedy rewards when he’s out on the road.
  Vice President and Account Director Jessica Clay “lives in the moment” of fitness. Jessica Clay is an avid athlete and health nutrition marketing blogger who always has one finger on her own pulse and another on the pulse of what’s new in health marketing.

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