Consumer Insight Thrives and Lies In Social Media


There is a special connection that is created from understanding your customers and speaking to them on a personal level.  It starts with consumer insights…what drives the strategy throughout the branding process. Remember when the Got Milk campaign increased awareness of the nutritional value of milk and how Dove beauty products broke through the mold with their honest representation of natural beauty?

Consumer insight is at the forefront of every successful advertising campaign and social media provides advertisers with a new way to learn how people interact, react and live with products on the market.

The popularity of Pinterest and Facebook has paved a path for rich consumer insights.

Given the interactive interface to pin their favorite dresses, cocktails and cooking recipes, Pinterest is more popular among the female market but men are joining in. Marketers can gauge how their audience interacts with promotions, give-a-ways and other internet “souvenirs” and “memorabilia” that users showcase on the site. It’s a social platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions and monitoring tools like Radiant6 can dig deeper to reveal the juicier insights.

Radiant6 gives brands the ability to consolidate pins and focus in on a specific theme of conversation. Don’t forget, social media is all about building conversation and sharing information.

There are patterns and themes to how we interact online and this snippet describes where the insights are found.

Are people talking about you online? Learn who is talking about your brand and what they are talking about. Discover how your brand, product or service is being perceived by your community online and identify advocates that can influence public sentiment about your company and products.

In our previous blog on internet marketing and the power that online content has, we mentioned how Facebook is a hot spot for brand communication and consumer insight. Facebook landing pages host various conversations about new products. Advertisers can review all of the conversations pertaining to their brand and use them to help guide their next campaign.

While on the topic, here is a take-a-away insight: People don’t like being interrupted and social media does not interrupt, it intervenes.

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