How To Decipher Marketing Channels In a Digital World

3 Steps On How and Where To Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising

Let’s face it. Technology has been knocking at the door long enough for advertisers to realize that they should open it up and welcome digital strategy into their marketing plan. Does that mean placing traditional advertising such as direct mail and radio on the back burner?

The answer is more complex than no…

The digital platform has multiplied advertising channels by tenfold and gives your brand more opportunities to reach your audience. At the same time, however, your brand is faced with a budget that requires you to choose the channels that will provide you the biggest ROI. You can’t be everywhere at once.

We’ve compiled a list of 3 marketing concepts that you must follow when you sit down and ask yourself, “Where will I advertise next”?

  1. Research your competition: Brands in your category have been using specific marketing channels for years. The food and beverage industry for example is known for using digital coupons that allow people to print out coupons from company websites, email blasts or social media outlets. Some advertisers will find success using the most popular channels in their category but it’s important to look beyond the norm and take advantage of the channels your competitors have not used, thus approaching consumers from a new angle.
  2. Use organic search (SEO) to send online traffic to your company website. People are showing an interest in your product when they read and interact with it online. SEO methods are highly trackable and easy to monitor. Your company can execute SEO through blogs, company news articles or through social media outlets. Remember: all content on the web is searchable!
  3. Social Media: You can use social media to connect with your audience and build relationships around your brand. It is initially overwhelming to consider which social media outlets will work best for your business model so here is a break down.
  • Linked In: great to use for business to business
  • Facebook: with 850 million people on this social network, it is a good outlet for every business
  • Pinterest: great for brands with visual products such as photography, culinary arts and retail and popular among women. Not a good choice for law firms or insurance
  • Twitter: great to use for reaching out to other companies to meet bloggers

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