Connecting The Gap Between Advertising History and Modern Execution

2 Ways To Rejuvenate and Energize Your Brand

We invite you to check out our agency website where you will find a home page full of iconic history memorabilia. What inspired the decision to infuse our company culture in such a way and where do president Eisenhower and Rosie the Riveter find their place at Clay Creative? Even marketers learn from history and we stick to the roots of advertising and adapt your brand to modern day society to enhance every impression you make with your audience.

20th century advertising changed the way brands and products reached the consumer and it brought us break through ideas to connect with them. Take for example the brilliant print execution for the gasoline company Esso. This is when research met consumer insight and an emotional connection with car drivers was created.

A tiger represents playfulness and power and driver’s behind the wheel enjoy just that so Esso used a tiger mascot to portray the brand insight…Voila.

There weren’t smart phones, digital applications and social media when we started. The basic principles that we’ve learned from past advertising must be applied to todays new media. For over 25 years we’ve been creating strong brands for our clients. Cultural norms shift every year and the technology we have today that didn’t exist in the 50’s allows us to connect your brand to your audience through hundreds of advertising channels.

The famous brands we’ve grown up with and have used our entire lives did not evolve over night. It takes strategy, research and brand development to keep your brand alive in the 21st century. Here are 2 ways for your brand to reach its’ maximum potential.

1. Adapt to new cultural norms: Our society has evolved into a multi-tasking time constrained world where consumers are connecting to your brand in more ways than one and your brand must adapt to the change.

  • Does your audience read the newspaper or browse the web with a smart phone. Keep in mind your demographics when targeting your audience.
  • How does your audience benefit from using your product?
  • There is a big difference between focusing on product attributes and product experience. Since product attributes portray your product as easy to use or physically appealing, focus on these for clothing and home entertainment products.
  • How do people use your product and where are they using it?

2. Execute product re-launches and brand extension: Just because you have a top selling product or service doesn’t mean you don’t have to create something new.

  • Consumers are interested in what is new and newsworthy. Think about it, it’s why we pick up newspapers and magazines.
  • Release relevant information about your products through social media.
  • Expand your brand through releasing newly updated versions of a product. Apple is a master at this. iPhone users scoot to the edge of their seat every year and anticipate a new phone with different software and new capabilities.
  • Learn how your customers use your products.
  • Always remember there are ways to expand your brand no matter how simple your products are.


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