3 Techniques To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

How To Get The Most Out Of Every Click

Your website is bombarded by traffic that is flying around the web like asteroids in the galaxy. It comes from far out destinations in the form of QR codes, direct links, Google and online ads. The list of portals in the online world are endless.

Your website must welcome all traffic in a manner that increases the conversion rate of every visitor. Even Martians understand the relationships between well developed websites and revenue… “They work together very well”, said the Martian.

Here are 3 techniques to improve conversion rates for your website:

1. Engage your visitors with a powerful landing page:

This is the first impression you have with your visitor so make a good one. The landing page of your website should reflect your overall company culture and include your company logo and mission statement. According to memory and attention research by George Miller, our working memory can hold 7 plus or minus 2 objects at one single time so don’t overload your landing page with too much to click on. Be precise, simple and informative.

Clay Creative worked together with the F.L Emmert Company to develop this easy to navigate home page.

2. Employ Google analytics to track on-site behavior:

 There are a lot of companies who engage in speculation about their website traffic’s behavior but they aren’t reacting to solid data.  It’s important to never assume when it comes to the Internet and employ the data and metrics available to better understand what’s happening. The material you need to make informed decisions about your online sales prospects is there, you just have to use it.


What is the end goal you have in mind for your customers? If you are promoting a service then include a contact number for people to request a quote. Your call to action must embrace the mission of your company.

Play It Again Sports has 2 calls of action: You can learn how their company works and hear stories from customers.

Generating traffic will always be easier than getting conversions; however, there are ways to increase the conversion percentage and turn traffic to leads and sales. The user experience you provide your visitor with contributes to their likeliness to come back to your site and make a purchase or a phone call.

Check out our last post, a website says it all  to learn more about our technique and popular web development applications.

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