Marketing Your Made in the USA Product Website


Proven tactics that can drive more traffic

No matter what type of American-made product you’re marketing, you have most likely put a lot of effort into creating a website that is informative and engaging. Unfortunately, if potential customers can’t find you, all of your hard work is wasted.

So, how can you drive more visitors to your Made in the USA website without substantially increasing your marketing budget? Here is an excellent list of marketing tactics to use as a gut check. Review it and ask yourself if you are doing as much as you can to bring in new traffic to your website.


Creating a free-standing blog or adding a blog to your website is a great tactic for turning web surfers into paying customers. Your blog should offer free, original and quality content in order to attract new visitors and set you apart from the competition. For instance, if you have an interest in American landmarks, you could host a blog featuring one landmark a month. Before you know it, your loyal readers will be checking out your Made in the USA website to find out more about you. Simply add a link to your brand website and violá, you’ve got traffic!


Believe it or not, YouTube is considered to be one of the largest search engines out there. Creating videos and posting them to YouTube can entice customers to check out your website, too. The idea isn’t to create a commercial for your brand, but to provide interesting content that is sponsored by your brand. Remember the example of highlighting American landmarks? You could just as easily use that strategy to create videos. Your brand will be associated with something quintessentially America, and customers who are interested in buying American will share that value.

Word of mouth (forums/Facebook fan pages, etc.)

In the same way that your brand has a personality, your brand should also have likes and dislikes that it shares with customers. Get out there and actively network with your customer base. Comment on posts, like people’s pages, check in on Twitter, and don’t forget to post images that you like to Pinterest. By actively participating in a social network, your brand will build connections with fans and followers and benefit from word of mouth recommendations.

Email marketing

Most potential customers need to be engaged multiple times before they buy, which is why email marketing works so well. You can easily repurpose your blog or YouTube content and share it via enewsletters, or you can simply send friendly reminders about your product line and upcoming sales and events. As an American-made brand, remember to leverage the power of American traditions and holidays, and send out emails that celebrate with your customers. Make sure every email includes a link back to your website so that your newly engaged prospect can become a full-fledged customer!

If you’re serious about driving traffic to your website, I suggest working down this list and asking yourself how well your brand is keeping up. For more ideas to drive traffic to your Made in the USA website, contact

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