Creative Ways to Integrate Direct Mail and Digital Marketing for B2B

3 proven tactics for achieving measurable results

Clay-Direct-MarketingMention Direct Mail to a room full of advertising professionals these days, and you will probably see some eye-rolling. Snail mail is considered passé, and digital solutions are all anyone wants to discuss. But let’s not forget that traditional direct mail tactics are the bedrock on which some of today’s greatest Digital Marketing strategies are built.

Interactive channels might be more dynamic, but they can’t do it all. Direct mailing lists are often more targeted, reliable, and more difficult to opt out of than emails. Customers are also more likely to open Direct Mail and more likely to actually read it. That’s why smart marketers still leverage Direct Mail to drive their Direct Digital Marketing efforts. Here are three examples of how you can do it, too:

Invite Customers to Opt into Email

Email blasts are easily filtered into the spam folder, and, even if they are opened, they are just as simple to opt out of. Try “priming” your customers with a Direct Mail so they are actually looking forward to your Emails. Use your direct mailer to announce a sweepstakes or offer a coupon, and then require customers to provide an email address and respond to your emails in order to receive the prize or discount. This is a more civilized way of ushering customers onto your email list of their own free will, which makes it more likely that they will stay there.

Use personalized URLs (PURLs)

It’s a no-brainer to use Direct Mail to drive customers to your website, but you can get greater measurability and interactivity by driving them to personalized micro-sites or PURLs. You’ll know how successful your mailing was by how many users access your PURL, plus you can provide an extremely targeted user experience once they get there. More and more, companies are using PURLs alongside their corporate websites to cater to specific customer types by providing completely different products and other features. These micro-sites can be used as informational social media hubs or they can offer customized product lines that make more sense when separated from the main website. PURLs offer unlimited possibilities, but without direct mail to drive them there, your customer might not find them.

Add QR Codes

Quick response codes (QR) are small icons made up of dots that translate into binary code. Smartphone users scan the icon with their phone to access online websites and videos that provide more information about a product. Although they are still used mainly by early adopter’s of technology, QR codes are becoming more and more popular with advertisers. In fact, about 10% of magazine ads now contain QR codes. Not surprisingly, codes that offer a discount, coupon or chance to enter a sweepstakes have a higher response rate. Direct Mail is the ideal traffic driver for websites and mobile platforms that use QR codes because you can easily target specific demographics within your existing customer base. Adding a QR code to direct mail ensures that your offer is as instantaneous as everything in the digital world.

Many companies are shelving direct mailing lists they have spent years building because they are so focused on digital solutions. I hope this post gives you a sense of how to incorporate Direct Mail to enhance your Direct Digital Marketing efforts rather than wasting those valuable assets. If you have questions or comments, contact

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